Portfolio Criteria

  • Every student seeking to become a Distinguished Student Leader must create a portfolio that contains evidence of completing the tasks and activities for each section.
  • Portfolios will include all application materials, writings, photos, and samples of evidence, and may be prepared in electronic or other form as determined by the students and advisers.
  • Portfolios should be neat, legible, and assembled in the order outlined.
    • Label added files of tasks or activities to clearly connect them to the appropriate program section.
    • Portfolios are reviewed with the adviser or leadership instructor who will verify that criteria for recognition has been satisfied.
  • Portfolio hard copies are no longer submitted to NASC.

Portfolio Contents

It is recommended for students to organize their portfolios in the following way:

  • Create a cover page containing the following:

Student Name
Current Grade Level (Freshman, etc)
Month, Day, and Year of Portfolio Submission
Adviser Name

  • Include:
    • Table of Contents
    • Completed student, school, and leadership activity profile information forms
    • Activity signoff forms for each section, to be initialed by your adviser
    • Evidence of completed tasks related to criteria in each section

Please be sure to number your pages and include those numbers on your Table of Contents page.

As you open each section you will find links to online reading material to support your understanding of and activity with each component.