Leadership Development

Igniting Potential: NASC’s Toolkit for Aspiring the Next Generation of Leaders

Welcome to the National Association of Student Councils (NASC), where we help transform today’s students into tomorrow’s leaders. Our commitment to leadership development is matched only by the breadth and depth of resources we offer to students and schools nationwide. Here’s a glimpse into the world of opportunities that awaits you with NASC:

Immerse yourself in an environment where leadership is in action. The NASC National Student Council Conference is a premier event offering a blend of workshops, inspirational speakers, and networking opportunities, all designed to elevate student leadership skills and inspire change-making ideas.

Serving as a vital forum for national student representation, the National Student Council brings together student leaders from across the country. Members engage in shaping educational policies and contributing to vital discussions, offering them a unique platform to impact school and community decisions, and gain invaluable experience in democratic leadership and collaborative problem-solving.

Encouraging students to constructively share their ideas and opinions, RSVP nurtures civic-minded leaders. This program helps students identify and address community challenges, crafting Civic Action Plans to bring about real change.

A journey of self-discovery and skill development awaits high school students in this self-paced curriculum. It’s designed to refine leadership skills and styles, setting the foundation for lifelong leadership excellence.

Tailored for the young leaders of tomorrow, this program offers criteria and guidance to fast-track their growth, instilling confidence and leadership skills from an early age.

Recognizing and celebrating the efforts of outstanding student councils, this program fosters a culture of quality leadership and inclusivity within schools.

A treasure trove of tools and guidance for student council advisers, this online portal provides step-by-step guidelines, sample documents, and a wealth of best practices to streamline the student council experience.

Dive into our extensive collection of over 11,000 service project ideas, shared by student councils across the nation. This is your go-to source for inspiration and practical project planning.

Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you in managing your student council effectively, ensuring you have the support you need at every step. With nearly a century of experience amongst our staff, there’s not problem we cannot help you navigate.

Our comprehensive range of Student Webinars, led by experienced NASC alumni, staff and student leaders, provides essential guidance on a variety of topics crucial for student success. These webinars cover key areas such as academic preparation, leadership skills, college readiness, and navigating the challenges and opportunities of high school and beyond, offering a wealth of practical advice and insider tips to empower students in their educational journey.

These sessions are designed exclusively for advisers, offering insights, resources, and tips to enhance your role and impact as a student council leader.

Join NASC: Where Leadership Grows

Every resource at NASC is crafted with one goal in mind: to develop confident, capable leaders who are ready to make a difference. We invite you to tap into this reservoir of knowledge and opportunity, and embark on a transformative leadership journey with us.

Discover the power of leadership with NASC – where leaders aren’t just born, they’re made.