Distinguished Student Leader Program

Elevate Your Leadership Journey: Become an NASC Distinguished Student Leader

The NASC Distinguished Student Leader Program is a recognition initiative designed for high school students in NASC member schools who demonstrate outstanding leadership skills. Participants complete a series of leadership tasks and activities, culminating in the creation of a comprehensive portfolio that showcases evidence of their leadership journey across various domains such as goal setting, team building, and civic engagement. Upon successful completion, students are awarded the title of NASC Distinguished Student Leader, a prestigious accolade acknowledging their commitment and excellence in student leadership.

Three Reason to Apply for the Distinguished Student Leader Designation

  1. Showcase Exemplary Leadership: Achieving this designation means you’ve demonstrated exceptional leadership abilities, setting you apart as a leader among leaders.
  2. Develop and Document Your Journey: Through a series of tailored tasks, you’ll not only enhance your leadership knowledge and skills but also create a comprehensive personal leadership portfolio. This portfolio becomes a testament to your achievements and dedication, a valuable asset for college and scholarship applications.
  3. Flexible Timeline for Completion: We understand every leader’s journey is unique. That’s why the program offers the flexibility to complete your portfolio in a timeframe that suits you, whether it’s a single semester or over a longer period.

Advisers, Encourage Your Future Leaders

As an adviser, guiding your students towards this program is an opportunity to nurture their potential. Encouraging them to apply for the NASC Distinguished Student Leader designation is not just about recognition; it’s about empowering them with skills and experiences that will benefit them far beyond high school.

For students looking to stand out and advisers seeking to foster exceptional talent, the NASC Distinguished Student Leader Program is the perfect platform. Embark on this journey to leadership excellence, and let the world see what true leadership looks like.

Applying for the NASC Distinguished Student Leader Designation: A Step-by-Step Guide

Embark on your journey to becoming a Distinguished Student Leader with NASC! Here’s a guide to help you apply:

  1. Create and Verify Your Student Account: Ensure you have a student account verified by your student council adviser. National Honor Society members with existing NASSP accounts can use the same account and add NASC membership by emailing [email protected].
  2. Ensure Active NASC Membership: Your student council must have an active membership with NASC.
  3. Adviser Sign-off: Your student council adviser must approve your completed activities and review your personal leadership portfolio, providing validation before you submit your application.
  4. Application Process: During the application, you’ll be asked to provide details about your school, student council, leadership roles, experiences, and recognitions. You’ll also need to submit a Leadership Philosophy Essay and answer questions about your leadership style.
  5. Application Review: After submission, the national office will review your application, typically within three weeks. Plan accordingly if you intend to include the designation in college or scholarship applications.

Remember, students from schools with active NASC memberships, including those in other organizations, are eligible to apply. Get started today and mark your place as a leader of tomorrow!