Warren Shull Adviser of the Year Award

Each year, the Warren E. Shull Award is presented to middle level and high school student council advisers who demonstrate exemplary character, leadership, and commitment to young people and their development as student leaders.

At the heart of successful student councils, Honor Society chapters, and school-sponsored clubs and activities are dedicated advisers who share their time and leadership to foster the development of their students and ensure quality programs. In recognition of these outstanding advisers, NASSP has sponsored the national adviser of the year awards through National Student Council since 1989 and National Honor Society since 2000.

This year, we will pause and reflect on these recognition programs, in order to create a revitalized, more comprehensive adviser recognition program. These changes will provide broader, more accessible, and more frequent ways for advisers to be honored and celebrated. We will strive to more intentionally engage students, principals, and communities when recognizing an adviser.

While the recognition programs are paused for this year, we will continue to highlight the amazing stories of advisers who are supporting the growth of student leaders in our newsletters and publications. We look forward to sharing the renewed adviser recognition programs with you in the future and value any feedback as we advance our efforts.

Previous Award Winners

2020 Kristi West, Texas, High School 2020 Tyler Stewart, Iowa, Middle Level
2019 Sue Iverson, Minnesota, High School 2019 Jamie Pascua, Nevada, Middle Level
2018 Susan Waldrep, Texas, High School 2018 Lisa Whirtley, West Virginia, Middle Level
2017 Chad Rizner, Missouri, High School 2017 Penelope Allen, Mississippi, Middle Level
2016 Martha Goza, Louisiana, High School 2016 Daniel Bailey, South Carolina, Middle Level
2015 Linda Pickett, Illinois, High School 2015 Jackie Jaros, Pennsylvania, Middle Level
2014 Patsy Coleman, Louisiana, High School 2014 James Kramer, Wisconsin, Middle Level
2013 Kyle Gordon, Illinois, High School 2013 Cathy Helfrich, Missouri, Middle Level
2012 Janet Young, Iowa, High School 2012 Michael Iles, Louisiana, Middle Level
2011 Paul Branagan, Massachusetts, High School 2011 Cheryl McIlrath, Indiana, Middle Level
2010 Patricia Finch, Texas, High School 2010 Lou Miller, New Jersey, Middle Level
2009 Kathy Coll, Pennsylvania, High School 2009 Kris Thomasson, North Carolina, Middle Level
2008 Mary Whittenburg, Texas, High School 2008 Williams Crew, North Carolina, Middle Level
2007 Beth David, Louisiana, High School 2007 Suzanna Krzaczek, California, Middle Level
2006 Susan McDanel, Iowa, High School 2006 Debra Bush, Mississippi, Middle Level
2005 Marquita Thomas, Tennessee, High School 2005 Sandra Bullock, North Carolina, Middle Level
2004 Don Shaffer, California 2003 Andy Costanzo, Pennsylvania
2002 Patty Hupfer-Riedel, Wisconsin 2001 James Finnemeyer, Pennsylvania
2000 T.C. Hardesty, Oklahoma 1999 Bobbie Evans, Kansas
1998 Al Cormier, Connecticut 1997 Denise Vaniadis, Oklahoma
1996 Alden Esping, California 1995 Richard Gregg, Delaware
1994 Roger Chambers, Wisconsin 1993 Ardith Kurchey, New York
1992 Dennis Lordan, Massachusetts 1991 David Cordts, North Carolina
1990 Maris Aldrich, Montana 1989 Kay Baker, Texas