About the National Association of Student Councils

The National Association of Student Councils (NASC) is the oldest and largest national organization committed to serving middle and high school student councils and the educators who support them. At NASC, we offer programming and opportunities for student council members, advisers, and administrators to connect, grow, and create greater impact in their schools, communities, and beyond.

NASC membership is open to all accredited middle and high schools, as well as school districts purchasing memberships on behalf of their secondary schools.

By Student Leaders, for Student Leaders

In 1931, a groundbreaking chapter in student leadership was written by a visionary high school student from Oklahoma, Warren Shull. Embarking on an audacious mission, Shull founded NASC with a dream to unify student body presidents across the nation.

Evolving significantly since its inception, the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) stepped in as NASC’s parent organization in 1943. This partnership propelled NASC into a new era of growth and influence, solidifying its status as a national beacon for student councils and a catalyst for the dynamic needs of student leaders throughout the United States.

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What We Stand For

At NASC, we’re driven by four tenets:

  1. Leadership Development: We craft leaders who are not only ready for tomorrow’s challenges but also equipped to create positive change today. Our programs, such as the National Student Council, Distinguished Student Leaders Program and Emerging Student Leader Program, are designed to polish the leadership skills of students at both middle and high school levels.

  2. Service to Community: We believe in the power of service. Through our programs and resources, such as the National Student Service Project Database, NASC encourages students to engage in community improvement projects, fostering a sense of responsibility and a passion for making a difference.

  3. Amplifying Student Voice: In a world where student perspectives are crucial, we ensure these voices are heard and valued. Initiatives like Raising Student Voice & Participation (RSVP) enable students to express their ideas constructively, contributing to meaningful dialogues.

  4. Promoting Active Engagement: Through our National Council of Excellence Awards and NASC Scholarship, we recognize and reward student councils that demonstrate outstanding service, leadership, and engagement, encouraging an environment where every student feels included and valued.


Have a question about NSC or our other student leadership programs? Our team is standing by to help! You can reach us by phone: (703) 860-0200 or via email: [email protected].

“I can think of no better way for today’s high school students to grow in their understanding of our democratic processes than to participate in student government.”

— President Lyndon B. Johnson