Signs Team Building Is Needed

Section A, Part 3

Student leaders should learn to recognize when their council team is struggling to work together as a team. Sometimes the signs are obvious. Other times, the signs are more subtle, possibly reflecting undercurrents of discontent or conflict that could surface or otherwise weaken the ability of your council to perform as a team. 

Here are some signs to look out for that may indicate that your student council may benefit from some periodic team-building exercises. 

  1.  People have opinions they do not express in the group. 
  2. In group discussion, opinions are often stated to which nobody responds.
  3. There is confusion about assignments. 
  4. The group’s plans are consistently determined by one person or by a small clique. 
  5. People are more concerned with exercising powers in the group than with trying to get the job done effectively. 
  6. Difference and conflicts within the group are denied, suppressed, and avoided. 
  7. There are noticeable grievances and complaints among team members. 
  8. There is a high degree of tension in the group. 
  9. There is little understanding of or commitment to the group’s goals. 
  10. There is little commitment to take action on the group’s decisions.

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