Why join NASC?

A dynamic student council can be your school’s greatest asset, and NASC is here to unlock its full potential.

In a landscape where every dollar counts, especially for schools managing tight budgets, the decision to invest in NASC membership is not just a cost, but a strategic investment in your students’ future. For $95, less than the cost of a single textbook, NASC is an essential resource for students, advisers, administrators, and your entire school community:

  • Comprehensive Leadership Development: NASC offers year-round leadership development programs. These initiatives equip students with critical life skills — from public speaking to problem-solving — that are vital for both academic and future career success.

  • Resource Hub at Your Fingertips: NASC membership grants access to a wealth of resources, including our extensive project database and adviser support materials. These tools can save you countless hours in planning and implementation, ensuring your limited time and resources are utilized efficiently.

  • Nationwide Network of Support: Connect with a vast network of educators and student leaders. This community is invaluable for sharing best practices, innovative ideas, and cost-effective strategies for student council activities — a resource especially crucial for schools with limited local support.

  • Recognition and Motivation: Our recognition and scholarship programs provide national acknowledgment for your students’ efforts. This not only boosts morale but also elevates your school’s profile, potentially attracting more support and resources from your community.

  • A Voice in National Conversations: Membership amplifies your students’ voices on a national platform, allowing them to contribute to important educational dialogues. This engagement is vital for shaping policies and practices that directly impact their learning environment.

We’ve tailored NASC membership to deliver maximum value, ensuring that every school can provide their students with top-notch leadership opportunities and experiences. NASC isn’t just an investment; it’s a game-changer for your school and your students.

“My first real experience in public service came through my participation in student government, and I know first hand that the lessons you learn in this endeavor will serve you for the rest of your lives.”

— President William J. Clinton