National Student Council FAQ

The NSC is a national body of middle and high school student leaders, elected and appointed from across the United States. It serves as a voice for students at the federal level, influencing educational policies and debates about school and student futures.

Students attending schools with active NASC membership, who meet the eligibility criteria as outlined in the official bylaws.

Our easy-to-use NASC council finder allows you to verify your school’s student council membership.

Schools can join NASC by applying through the NASC website. The website provides detailed information on membership benefits, fees, and the application process. Membership not only allows participation in the NSC but also offers a range of resources and support for student councils.

Members are either elected or appointed through a detailed selection process involving applications, panel reviews, and votes from NASC member councils as outlined in the official bylaws.

NSC members are expected to commit to regular virtual meetings and participate in leadership and service activities. High school NSC members are also expected to attend the annual in-person gathering. This commitment ensures active and meaningful participation in the council’s initiatives and decision-making processes.

The NSC is the only national group of its kind dedicated to elevating the status of student councils and amplifying the voices of students in national discussions on education policy. High school participants get at least one all-expense-paid trip to Washington, D.C., to engage with political and educational leaders, and opportunities to represent student voices in major media outlets. This exclusive platform empowers students to actively shape the conversation around education at the highest levels.

The NSC provides a platform for students to engage with key policymakers in the White House, Congress, and the U.S. Department of Education, ensuring student perspectives are included in national educational dialogues.

Having a student from your school serve on the NSC not only brings national acclaim to the school but also spotlights the exceptional initiatives and achievements already underway. This recognition can significantly enhance the school’s profile, potentially building support and garnering interest from the local community and beyond. Additionally, the insights and experiences gained by the student at a national level can be brought back to enrich and inspire local student council activities, fostering a more dynamic and engaged student body.

Beyond the school’s NASC membership dues, there are no additional costs to the school or the student for participating in the NSC. For high school NSC members, all costs related to the annual in-person gathering, including travel, accommodation, and related expenses, are typically covered by NASC. This ensures that students can fully engage in the NSC experience without financial barriers.