The Adviser’s Role

The adviser’s role in the application process is extremely important. While the adviser has several ongoing responsibilities in the application process, there are none that extend beyond their normal activities with their councils. Here is a summary of an adviser’s role:

  • Support. Advisers need to offer encouragement and support as the student works through the process and seeks opportunities to build a portfolio.
  • Verification. A student will be expected to demonstrate both knowledge and skill in multiple areas of leadership and to create a portfolio as proof of his/her work. Throughout the application process, advisers will be asked to observe students in a variety of tasks and activities and to sign off on those as students successfully accomplish each one. Read the material under Portfolio Builder to affirm the student’s mastery of each activity or demonstration.
  • Affirmation. Once the portfolio is complete, the student is required to meet with his/her adviser and principal to present the portfolio for evaluation. After the presentation and review of the application, if the principal and adviser feel the student has met the requirements to be recognized, they affirm it with their signatures on the appropriate page of the application.
  • Recommendation. An adviser will also be asked to write a letter of recommendation for the student. A sample letter is offered to assist you.

For general information about the National Student Council Distinguished Student Leader Program, visit our FAQ page.