For Students

As you prepare to pursue designation as a National Student Council Emerging Student Leader, familiarize yourself with the application steps, including:

  • You will need to confirm with your adviser that your school is currently affiliated with National Student Council.
  • Your student council adviser will review and confirm that you meet the required criteria to be recognized for your leadership knowledge and skills.
  • Learn the skills you will need to develop to become an Emerging Student Leader by reviewing the criteria checklist and the student self-reflection questionnaire. Skills will be tracked in the following eight categories:
    1. Governing Documents
    2. Follower Skills
    3. Leader Skills
    4. Listener Skills
    5. Speaker Skills
    6. Writing Skills
    7. Power Skills
    8. Service Skills
  • You will need to submit a self-assessment consisting of a completed criteria checklist and reflection question responses to your adviser.

Your adviser will be responsible for evaluating candidates and contacting the national office.


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