About NCOE

What is the NCOE Award?

The National Council of Excellence is a national award program created by NASC to recognize student councils that maintain strong year-round programs and work to improve their schools and communities through their leadership activities. The award is founded on the four tenets of NASC (Leadership, Service, Engagement and Student Voice) and provides broad recognition for worthy efforts of NASC member councils. Unlike scholarships and other recognitions that have limited numbers of winners, all councils meeting the determined criteria in this application will receive the appropriate award.

Why should we apply?

Being named a National Council of Excellence validates and celebrates the time and effort your student council members commit to lead and serve in your school and community with the goal of making a positive difference. The award is anchored in the four tenets of NASC – Leadership, Service, Engagement and Student Voice. The NCOE criteria and indicators provide standards of quality and a framework that has measurable outcomes by which councils can demonstrate a level of excellence in their programs.

All NASC member councils should apply for the award, whether they refer to their organization as a student council, student government, ASB or other title. Even if they have varied purposes and unique difference, the core role of student councils is to foster leadership growth and provide opportunities for developing leaders to learn and experience the skills and knowledge to be effective student council members, and to help foster a culture at their schools where student voice is valued and volunteerism is a norm.