Teacher. Mentor. Administrator. Facilitator. Fundraiser. Chaperone. Event Planner. Advocate. It seems insufficient to use the word “adviser” to try to capture all the different roles and parts you take on for your students. You do it all! We are constantly amazed by the many tasks advisers carry out to help keep their students and schools moving in a positive direction.

Advisers are also counselors for the academic and nonacademic support of students. Wellness counseling is an important aspect of supporting the mental health of school and student leaders. We hope our look at the #Work2BeWell campaign gives you some ideas for fostering wellness in your school community.

Advisers are also role models and guides. In this final issue of the year, we highlight the work of #ICANHELP, an organization that aims to assist educators like you in shepherding students into positive online engagement and interactions.

As the summer approaches, we wish you a great and (hopefully) restful time gearing up for the next academic year. We look forward to bringing you more engaging content and resources in the fall.

Nara Lee
Director of National Honor Societies

Ann Postlewaite
Director of Student Programs