Back to school! It’s not just about getting back into a routine; it’s also about getting in the right mindset for a successful year. We are eager to support you and your students in helping the entire school community stay positive for 2018–19. But before your student leaders can help others, they need to help themselves by getting into their own positive mindsets.

In this issue, we focus on above-the-line leadership, which is all about seeing the possibilities ahead and owning one’s outlook. It’s about the positive attitude and mindset student leaders need to envision the events they are planning and feel the power to make positive changes. Above-the-line leadership allows us to work with our student leaders to see things in a different perspective and to remind them to keep the different groups in the school in mind when planning events for all.

We are also pleased to introduce you to the 2018 national honorees of the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards program, which recognizes outstanding individual community service efforts. These students all had an awareness and a desire to make something better.

All our Prudential winners had this in common: They had clear goals and met them. Check out our feature on supporting goal setting. The beginning of the school year is a great time to set academic, extracurricular, and other personal goals.

We hope you enjoy the newness of the school year and getting to know your students.

Nara Lee
Director of National Honor Societies

Ann Postlewaite
Director of Student Programs