Scholarship FAQ 

Current or former officers of their school’s student council, which must have active affiliation with NASC. Student accounts are needed to apply for the NASC Scholarship. Students can also create accounts as a record of membership with the national office but choose not to apply. 

Once a student creates their account on the NASC website a notification is sent to the student’s adviser to verify that they are an NASC member in good standing. Advisers can also review the instructions and tutorial video here. Once verified, the student can login to complete and submit the NASC Scholarship application online. Unverified students will not have access to the NASC Scholarship application. 

Tip: Provide your students with your school ID # so that they can easily find their school and create an account! You can locate your School ID in your profile after you log in to your account and view “My Institutions.” 

NASC members “in good standing” are current or former officers of their school’s student counsil who are up to date on their NASC council obligations [obligation examples]. Students should refer to their NASC council bylaws for what constitutes “good standing” and check with their NASC adviser to confirm they meet all obligations.  

An ideal candidate for the NASC Scholarship will:  

  • Demonstrate a service mindset by seeking out and voluntarily fulfilling needs to help others. 
  • Create opportunities for student council members and the student body to serve within the school and community. 
  • Take ownership and responsibility as a leader, in title or in action, in school and community. 
  • Develop, expand, and practice leadership skills, with a demonstrated growth mindset and examples of leadership skills in action. 
  • Create opportunities for members of the student body to express their ideas, concerns, and opinions within the school. 
  • Foster a safe, welcoming, and inclusive school culture through activities, projects, events, and actions. 

While completing the application, applicants will be asked to: 

  • Provide detailed information about activities and experiences related to leadership, service, student voice, and engagement. 
  • Request an Adviser Certification from their NASC adviser, which acts as a short recommendation form and confirms the applicant is currently in good standing with a local NASC council. The adviser certification must be completed in the application portal and no external documents or communications will be accepted. 
  • Request a recommendation from one non-adviser, non-family member adult who can speak to the applicant’s commitment to the tenets of NASC. The recommendation must be completed in the application portal and no external documents or communications will be accepted. 

The NASC Adviser Certification is a requirement during the NASC Scholarship application. Students complete a request in the scholarship application by entering the name and e-mail address of the NASC adviser. This will then send the adviser an e-mail from [email protected] with instructions and a unique link to complete for that student. Advisers should click on the link, answer the four multiple choice questions about the student’s role in the council and school, and leave any comments in an open-ended response field. 

The NASC Adviser Certification can only be accessed via these e-mail notifications. Students have an option to send a reminder using the application platform up to once per day. Advisers cannot access these e-mails or links on the NASC website as they are generated from our scholarship platform. We recommend that advisers check their spam folder and/or contact their IT if they are not receiving the e-mail. Students should coordinate the sending of this request with the adviser so that the adviser expects it and can confirm receipt. We will not accept e-mails or attachments in place of this certification. 

Account verification is necessary for any student who creates an account on the NASC website and can be completed by any NASC officer at your school as soon as they are inducted. We recommend that students create accounts and get them verified by the adviser as early as possible so that they receive updates from the NASC national office. Verification allows the adviser to confirm membership of these students so that they can access these member-exclusive benefits and communications, including access to the NASC Scholarship. Students cannot log into the NASC Scholarship until they are verified. 

If a verified NASC student decides to apply for the NASC Scholarship, they must enter the NASC Adviser Certification request into the scholarship platform. This allows the adviser to provide feedback on the individual student, including up-to-date reflections on standing and contributions to the school and council, which are not part of the basic account verification process. 

Scholarship recipients and council advisers will be notified in February via email. To receive the scholarship, recipients must complete a Scholarship Acceptance Form. Applicants that are not selected to receive a scholarship will be notified via email following the scholarship acceptance deadline. 

  • 75 semifinalists will receive $1,000  

  • Five finalists will receive $5,000  

Scholarship checks are mailed to recipients’ college/university, and made payable to the designated institution in late July/early August. Checks or unused funds cannot be made payable to the individual recipient. 

The NASC Scholarship is a non-renewable award for undergraduate educational expenses. 

Funds may be used at a U.S. college or university, military institute, or trade school towards qualified education expenses for undergraduate studies. Funds can be used for tuition and fees required for enrollment, as well as course-related expenses, such as fees, books, supplies, and equipment. 

If you don’t see an FAQ that answers your question, please email it to [email protected] and put NASC Scholarship Help in the subject line.