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Give your school’s future leaders a voice and see the powerful difference NatStuCo affiliation can make for your student council

As you begin leading your 2018–19 students, it is critical to provide them with the necessary tools to succeed. This is especially true for your student councils, and National Student Council (NatStuCo) affiliation provides them with a multitude of resources to help them achieve their goals.

NatStuCo offers a robust array of exclusive programming, including the NatStuCo Conference, LEAD Conferences, service planning support, career exploration resources, council recognition awards, and support for council advisers.

This year, NatStuCo introduces a new and improved Raising Student Voice & Participation (RSVP) program, a student-led, summit-based framework that boosts engagement and empowers student voice within the school and surrounding community. Through RSVP, your student council leads the entire student body in discussion and action planning, allowing time for each individual to share his or her thoughts.

Your students deserve every opportunity to be heard. Give them a voice with NatStuCo membership.