Raising Student Voice & Participation

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Putting Your Students in Control

Would you like to empower your student council to be the primary vehicle for positive change at your school?

National Student Council’s Raising Student Voice & Participation, or RSVP, is an ideal program for boosting student engagement in order to build climate and culture in schools and communities. When using RSVP, the student council plays a leading role in effecting change by involving the entire student body as the channel for student voice.

Rooted in civic action, RSVP elicits what students care about and their ideas for making improvements in their school or community environment. Witness democracy in action by bringing RSVP to your school!

How RSVP Works
Using a structured approach, RSVP’s framework involves three student-led, schoolwide summits.

Summit 1: Voice
Students are asked to share their thoughts and concerns about their school and community. A list of the top three schoolwide issues emerging from the summit groups is prepared for sharing in the next summit.

Summit 2: Recommendations
Students are asked to make recommendations to address the top three issues from Summit 1. Based on these recommendations and after principal approval, a Civic Action Plan is built on the recommendations. The plan consists of projects that addresses the top issues.

Summit 3: Response
Students are asked to provide feedback and suggest improvements on the Civic Action Plan. This Summit is also their chance to identify how they will support the project’s implementation.

Who Leads RSVP?
There are three key leadership groups:

  • Student council—Introduces RSVP to the student body
  • Student facilitators—Guide the student summits in order to prompt dialogue
  • Student Leadership Team—Analyzes and reports on data gathered at each summit, prepares a Civic Action Plan, and engages student volunteers for implementation

RSVP is an opportunity for student councils to expand opportunities for leadership as council officers and representatives, and others may serve as facilitators or Leadership Team members.

How Do You Bring RSVP to Your School?
An implementation guide and optional on-site leadership training are available.

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