2015 Middle Level Adviser of the Year

Jackie Jaros, student council adviser at Deer Lakes Middle School in Cheswick, PA, has been named the 2015 Warren E. Shull National Middle Level Adviser of the year by the National Association of Student Councils.

Jaros puts in countless hours and her entire heart into student leadership development. Described as passionate, dedicated, loyal, and empathetic, Jaros is a guidance counselor and has served as the Deer Lakes Middle School student council adviser for 14 years.

Through her leadership, the students at Deer Lakes have come together for both spirit activities and meaningful service projects, raising funds for organizations such as Make-A-Wish, Four Diamonds Foundation, the ASPCA, Best Buddies, and Team Tassy: Hats for Haiti. Jaros believes in making the world a better place for future generations.

According to Deer Lakes principal David Campos, what truly sets Jaros apart from the rest is her ability to make people feel special: “I have witnessed quiet students find the courage to give a public speech; students who struggle socially participating with ‘popular’ students; and students with special needs not just made to feel as if they were part of something, but rather to truly be part of something.”