Here are some guesses regarding where you may be this season:

  • You are worried about your students, friends, family, and community members.
  • You have been logged into a computer for more hours in the past several months than your entire life.
  • You may have binge-watched one or several dozen Netflix or Hulu shows online.

I hope you are taking care of yourself as you process these things and more. In truth, we are all in the midst of a chaotic time and are being as flexible as our bodies, minds, and hearts can handle.

In the first issue for what will likely be a rough year, I wanted to shine a light on advisers—how you rallied in the spring when schools were closed and communities were interrupted. In “Remote Possibilities,” read about how advisers such as Terry D’Imperio (Livonia High School, Livonia, NY) used Wellness Bingo and Survivor Week activities to keep school and community spirit alive.

Before COVID-19 uprooted our lives, the Student Leadership Advisory Committee chose to help end childhood hunger by organizing a national initiative around No Kid Hungry™. Gillian Grimm and Ramya Subramaniam, two committee members, share how it all came to be and how your students can get involved this year.

I’m excited to begin this school year with you because I know we are part of a higher calling. This edition of Advise is dedicated to all of you who keep calm and keep on advising.

Yours in student leadership,

Nara Lee
Director, NASSP Student Leadership