Did you know that the average adult spends more than five hours per week in meetings? Let’s face it. We’ve all had a meeting or two that we dread—we don’t see the point or we feel as if we’re just going through the motions of “showing up.” But who says meetings have to be rooms full of bored people being talked at? The best meetings engage everyone and should unlock the potential for new ideas and learning. Check out our feature on kicking meetings up a notch for ideas to make those hours fly by for you and your students.

We all know that volunteering and service is good for the soul, but it’s also great for the mind. We focus our cover story in this issue on how service learning is tied to all learning and is especially helpful for academic pursuits.

Even though we may not be able to see flowers blooming or feel warmer temperatures quite yet, spring will be here before we know it. All the efforts and hard work you and your students are putting into those year-end activities—such as spring service days and projects, graduation, and officer farewells—will pay off soon. This is a great time to be encouraged by greater things ahead, and to know that even though the work is hard now, there will be fruit to enjoy in the next season.

Take care until then,

Nara Lee
Director of National Honor Societies

Ann Postlewaite
Director of Student Programs