1. Well educated about the organization and understands its purposes.
  2. Familiar with the school philosophy, policies, and guidelines for student council.
  3. Committed to the concept of student council and student participation.
  4. Knows and understands the student council constitution and bylaws.
  5. Knows the role and responsibilities of an adviser and has a written job description.
  6. Understands the importance of committees and assists in setting up a functioning committee system within the council as reflected in the governing documents.
  7. Can instruct and assess officers in the effective performance of their duties.
  8. Knows how to help students establish goals and objectives and plan for their effective implementation.
  9. Communicates regularly with the administration and faculty.
  10. Can work with the students in an orderly process of problem solving and decision making.
  11. Knowledgeable about principles of organizational structure and management.
  12. Familiar with the skills necessary to conduct meetings and able to teach the skills to the members of the organization.
  13. Understands the importance of public relations and communication skills and demonstrates them effectively.
  14. Knows the functions of projects/activities and their relationship to the success and image of the organization.
  15. Remains objective and works with the students to continually evaluate and obtain feedback on the organization and its activities.
  16. Is resourceful and knows where to go for help and assistance.
  17. Participates in activities to continually increase knowledge and skills as an adviser.
  18. Exhibits good human relations skills in working with others.
  19. Able to apply the teaching-learning process to student council activities and is familiar with the principles of facilitation.
  20. Gives credit where credit is due and constantly encourages the students.
  21. Has a sense of humor and the patience to allow students to learn and grow in their leadership positions.
  22. Willing to devote the time required, both in and out of regular school hours.
  23. Sets personal goals and evaluates performance in meeting them.
  24. Ensures that council activities are inclusive and open to all members of the student body.
  25. Works with council members to use technology in effective and ethical ways.