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AdvisersOur Adviser Resource Center gives you the tools, information, and updates you need to assist you in managing your student council. NatStuCo member advisers have unlimited access to:

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  • Council management tips, tools, and more.
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Adviser Central

Success is Not a Secret

Whether you're looking to enact a paradigm shift within your student council or simply want to learn what makes a good adviser tick, these 10 concepts effective student advisers know and practice are a great starting point for discovering how to succeed. 

Famous Student Leaders: Online Submissions Now Available

It is easier than ever to share the names of famous alumni who were in student council at your school. NatStuCo now offers an easy, online form to enter and submit information about famous alumni. Whether they are in politics, business, sports or other areas, NatStuCo wants to highlight the many famous leaders, celebrities, and others who were once leaders in your schools. Share your famous student leaders now.