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Make an Impact on Your School Culture

Student councils are memory makers, school pride proponents, community influencers, drivers of equity and inclusion—in short, they’re at the very heart of your school culture. And the work they do is especially important right now, when students can’t always connect in person. Shine a national spotlight on your outstanding council and give them tools to amplify their impact with National Student Council (NatStuCo). As a member, you’ll access unequaled opportunities to honor your student leaders’ achievements and encourage them to become stronger, lifelong advocates for positive change.

Highlight Your Student Council’s Dedication to Excellence

The National Council of Excellence program awards outstanding councils across the country with two levels of recognition: Standard and Gold. And with the application process now on a new digital platform, it’s never been easier to “go for the gold!”

Foster Student Leaders’ Growth

NatStuCo’s structured leadership development programs, such as Distinguished Student Leader for high school and Emerging Student Leader for middle level students, provide a clear framework that helps you teach critical leadership skills and milestones that give you the opportunity to recognize students’ progress. Members also get special discounts for national events, including the National Student Council Conference and LEAD Conferences, to further develop the leadership skills of both advisers and students.

Find out why members love NatStuCo!

  • “[NatStuCo is where] students from all backgrounds come together to make the school a better place.”
  • “I wanted to grow as a leader and help everyone feel respected, included, and loved!”
  • “I love making a positive impact and inspiring others to do the same!”
  • “I wanted to leave a legacy at my school and inspire others to create change.”

Sample Content from the National Student Council

Empowering Student Voice and Advocacy

How student leaders at an Oregon high school are making a remarkable impact

Change for the Better

Implement positive change and improve your council

Remote Possibilities

Keep your students engaged and thriving in the wake of COVID-19

By giving your student leaders valuable recognition and resources to fuel their efforts, you’re supporting your school culture and your community. Make a difference in the lives of aspiring leaders—become a NatStuCo member today.