What is a Civic Action Plan?

A Civic Action Plan (CAP) is a set of proposals for change that reflect the opinions and interests of a wide range of students in each school. These proposals include consideration of existing resources and opportunities and are part of a vision that students have for their school and their community. The Civic Action Plan is the formal written result of student deliberation that is presented school- and, if appropriate, community-wide. The Plan details the who, what, where, when, and how of implementation.

We recommend that each Civic Action Plan contain the following:

  • School Issues Report: A section that lays out the central school, community, and global issues identified by students.
  • Action Recommendations: Include specific recommendations for change, along with a rationale for each suggestion. This section of the Civic Action Plan should also contain any research about the history of the issue or policy in your school or community and responses to anticipated resistance to the suggested change. It is important to show to the entire community that you have done your homework and are prepared to work with adults to achieve the suggested changes!
  • Action Steps: Include next steps to be taken to begin making the changes suggested in the Action Recommendations section of the Civic Action Plan. Identify roles people will take and develop a suggested timeline for tasks to be carried out.

Model Civic Action Plan (PDF)

Submit your Civil Action Plan to NatStuCo@NatStuCo.org.