The Principal’s Role

The principal has two direct responsibilities in the application process:

  • Recommendation. Principals are asked to provide a letter of recommendation to National Student Council on behalf of the student applicant. A sample letter is offered to assist you.
  • Affirmation. Once a student has created a portfolio, the principal should join the student and adviser in a meeting where the student will present his/her evidence of meeting the program criteria. After the presentation and review of the portfolio, if the principal and adviser feel the student has met the requirements to be recognized by NatStuCo, they affirm it with their signatures on the Statement of Validation form.

Of course, encouragement and support for students pursuing the designation are recommended. This is an ambitious undertaking for the student, often requiring one to two semesters of work on their part.

NatStuCo also encourages principals to celebrate any students in their schools who are named a National Student Council Distinguished Student Leader.

It is important to note that schools must be currently affiliated with National Student Council in order for student applicants to ultimately earn the designation. If your school wishes to join or renew, please visit our Membership link.

For general information about the National Student Council Distinguished Student Leader Program, visit our FAQ page.