How to Build Your Portfolio

You will create and submit a portfolio, which is an integral part of your application to become a National Student Council Distinguished Student Leader. This portfolio follows a prescribed means of organization to present evidence that you have completed the required activities for your designation. All materials that you include in your portfolio must be authentic. Include only requested materials in your portfolio.

National Student Council strongly encourages you to make copies or electronic archives of each piece of evidence found in your portfolio.

Portfolio Criteria

  • Every student seeking to become a Distinguished Student Leader must submit a portfolio that contains evidence of completing the tasks and activities presented under the Portfolio Builder.
  • Portfolios will include all application materials, writings, photos, and samples of evidence.
  • Portfolios must be neat, legible, and assembled in the order outlined.
    • Hard-copy portfolios submitted by mail should be bound using a report folder or notebook of appropriate size to hold all pages securely. Files must be labeled to follow the order of the portfolio contents. (Example: A1.1 Leadership Styles, A1.2 Traits)
    • Portfolios submitted electronically must provide files labeled to follow the order of the application. (Example: A1.1_Leadership_Styles, A1.2_Traits)

Portfolio Contents

To be presented in the following order:

  1. Create a cover page, containing the following:

Student Name
Current Grade Level in School
Month, Day, and Year of Application Submission

  1. Prepare a Table of Contents, labeling pages/files as noted under Portfolio Criteria
  2. Include your completed student, school, and leadership activity profile information forms.
  3. Include your activity sign-off forms, initialed by your adviser.
  4. Include your signed statement of validation page.
  5. Provide evidence you have completed tasks related to your reading of Knowledge Builder material and demonstrated your skills for your adviser.
  6. Include your two letters of recommendation.

Time to Build Your Portfolio