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Shine a Light on Your Student Leaders With National Student Council

Student councils, student governments, student senates—or student leadership committees by any other name—have the power to completely transform your school environment. And with National Student Council (NatStuCo) membership, you shine a national spotlight on your outstanding leaders and take student leadership in your school to the next level. NatStuCo provides the right tools and resources to become incredible advocates for positive change in your school, your community, and beyond.

Supporting Your Advisers

Give your adviser the power of NatStuCo with a robust array of templates, how-to guides, and other resources available in the Adviser Resource Center, as well as a nationwide network of peer support in the Adviser Online Community.

Recognizing Your Student Council

The National Councils of Excellence program awards outstanding councils across the country with two levels of recognition: Standard and Gold. And with the application process now on a new digital platform this year, it’s never been easier to “go for the gold!”

Developing Your Leaders

Structured leadership development programs such as Distinguished Student Leaders for high school and Emerging Student Leaders for middle level help you teach students critical leadership skills and provide milestones to recognize their progress. NatStuCo members also get special discounts to national events including the National Student Council Conference and LEAD Conferences to further develop the leadership skills of both advisers and students.

Hear from NatStuCo members themselves on why they joined:

  • “I wanted to make a difference in my school and advocate for my student body”
  • “NatStuCo gives me a voice and a place where I feel like I belong”
  • “I joined because I felt empowered by helping people and it gave me a second family”
  • “I love making a positive impact and inspiring others to do the same!”

Sample Content from the National Student Council

Empowering Student Voice and Advocacy

How student leaders at an Oregon high school are making a remarkable impact

Change for the Better

Implement positive change and improve your council

Remote Possibilities

Keep your students engaged and thriving in the wake of COVID-19

Join by November 30 using promo code LEADER20 and get a 20 percent discount in the NatStuCo Store to stock up on supplies and insignia items for your student council.