LEAD Conferences

LEAD Conferences offer students and advisers exciting opportunities to develop their skills and grow as leaders. These rewarding weekend meetings are designed to encourage interstate communication among student leaders and advisers, strengthen leadership skills, and prepare those attending for leadership roles on the local, state, and regional levels—all at at an affordable cost!

Students learn about:

  • Combating prejudice, bullying, drugs, alcohol, and depression
  • Idea sharing and networking
  • Project planning and fundraising
  • Community service projects
  • Team building
  • Healthy lifestyles

Advisers gain:

  • Continuing education certificates (CEUs)
  • Professional development
  • Networking opportunities
  • Skills for managing student activities
  • Practical classroom skills
  • Project and fundraising ideas

LEAD Conferences are offered in multiple cities across the U.S. Visit the official LEAD Conferences website for more information.