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Advocacy as Service

When K–12 school leaders and teachers think of service and leadership activities, they typically turn to fundraisers, organizing events, and community improvement projects. While these are all valuable, advocacy is often forgotten as an important dimension in building student service and leadership skills. Advocacy is the pursuit of influencing positive outcomes, speaking up for oneself and the community, including schools, families, and neighborhoods. Join NASSP’s Student Leadership and Advocacy teams as we host student leaders who will share why and how advocacy can be a valuable service-learning activity. You will also explore simple ways to introduce advocacy at your school to help students drive positive change.

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Raising Student Voice & Participation in Your School Community

It’s simple. Students who believe they have a voice in school are SEVEN times more likely to be academically motivated than students who do not believe they have a voice (Quaglia Institute Voice Report, 2016). But it’s not as easy to lift up student voice and agency for everyone in a school or learning environment. In this session, student leadership experts outline what student voice is, how to capture it, and how to use it to start making meaningful impact in your school. Highlighted will be NASSP’s RSVP (Raising Student Voice & Participation) program that guides students through a process exercises that shows them how to share their ideas and gather meaningful solutions.

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Cultivating a Service Mindset vs. Collecting Service Hours

An estimated 41% of college-bound 12th graders regularly volunteer in their communities and engage in service compared to just 24% of those students who do not have postsecondary plans in their senior year of high school (Child Trends, Monitoring the Future: A Continuing Study of American Youth, 1991 to 2016). Yet the way service is typically reported on a college or scholarship application is a numerical figure: hours served. Join admissions leaders and representatives from leading service organizations like NHS as they share and reflect on 1) the value of reading about applicants’ service activities, 2) service as an action vs. service as a mindset, and 3) the various types of service that are helpful for counselors, admissions leaders, and practitioners to consider as we communicate to students about the true value of service.

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Assessing Equity in Your Student Activities

Presenters will discuss the role of diversity and inclusion in student activities, even in clubs and organizations such as the National Honor Society, which may be perceived as exclusive. Practitioners and counselors will speak to ways that they have conducted outreach and in-reach to transform and build student activities and leadership programs. The panel conversation and interactive Q&A will include best practices for creating equitable opportunities in your school community.

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College and Career Readiness in Rural Settings

High school is a launching pad for college, career, and life. Principals, counselors, and teachers in rural school settings experience and witness unique challenges to preparing their students for college and career. A panel of educator leaders in rural schools discuss considerations for supporting each student’s pathway.

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Celebrating Student Leaders: Ideas and Impact

In anticipation of this year’s National Student Leadership Week (sponsored by NASSP), join us as we talk with school leaders and student leaders about how to celebrate student leadership. From small to big ideas, practitioners will share what celebrations of student leadership have done for their school culture and community. Hear firsthand accounts from student leaders about the importance of including students in the planning of celebrations and how to keep leadership going strong all year long.

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