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Academic Integrity and Equity

Hosted by TurnItIn’s Ian McCullough and a panel of equity and education experts, this webinar will delve into the intersection of two complex topics in education, academic integrity and equity.

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Thinking Inside the Box: Adapting Student Council Activities and Events

For most NatStuCo advisers, everything about student council is different this year. Hosting anything from council meetings to projects and events is a continuing exercise in creative problem-solving to adapt to changing school models and new safety guidelines. Join fellow advisers on Wednesday, October 7 from 5:00–6:00 p.m. (ET) to hear strategies where they and their councils found success—and share and discuss your own ideas.

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Advocacy as Service

When K–12 school leaders and teachers think of service and leadership activities, they typically turn to fundraisers, organizing events, and community improvement projects. While these are all valuable, advocacy is often forgotten as an important dimension in building student service and leadership skills. Advocacy is the pursuit of influencing positive outcomes, speaking up for oneself and the community, including schools, families, and neighborhoods. Join NASSP’s Student Leadership and Advocacy departments as we host student leaders who will share why and how advocacy can be a valuable service-learning activity. You will also explore simple ways to introduce advocacy at your school to help students drive positive change.

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