COVID-19 Resources

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We are mindful that the world and the everyday look different for all of us as we deal with the COVID-19 impact. What matters most is the health and safety of everyone in your school and community. We all see people stepping up in this crisis to show that leadership goes beyond walls and school buildings.

It’s in our love for our communities that leadership becomes realized. We need to show the world our students in this light, not as young people awaiting news and the next announcement in this crisis, but as strong leaders who jump in and help where needed.

Thank you, to both you and your students, for your continued leadership in these unprecedented times.

What do you want to hear from us? If you have specific topics and themes that you would like our program team to address in the coming weeks, please share with us here:

Resources for council management

Flex Guide

Prepared by the national office, consider this your official resource guide for being a school leader and adviser to NHS students in the 2020–21 school year. We share how to communicate with your students, keep the pipeline of student leaders alive with Honor Society member selection, student officer elections, and more

Virtual Elections and End-of-Year Ceremonies

Schools can choose from a variety of strategies to hold virtual elections, complete with online voting. Google Forms is one tool that NatStuCo members have cited as a free option. There are also paid services offering more formal voting software for which schools can purchase subscriptions.

Most of the election guidance and templates in the NatStuCo Adviser Resource Center are applicable to both in-person and virtual elections.

Each student council has different election procedures and events, and yet all of us currently face the challenge of how to bring those experiences online. However you choose to modify your activities, we recommend producing and sharing clear guidelines that identify the changes, securing principal approval of new procedures, and then providing consistent communications to students, parents, and staff. For more on this topic, we suggest joining the Taking Elections Virtual discussion the Adviser Online Community.

Virtual Event Planning

Graduation and other end-of-year celebrations are rites of passage for any senior high school class. Suggestions for virtual celebratory events are provided.

Student Accounts

Student members are encouraged to create their very own student account. Upon doing so, you will be able to manage your roster of members online and they will be able to have their member status verified, earn a digital badge, and receive the most up-to-date information about our programs and activities delivered straight to their inbox.

Adviser Online Community

Stay connected with your fellow advisers 24/7. Ask questions, share tips, and come together to share information.

Adviser Resource Center

Your #1 resource for anything and everything you need to know about managing a student council.

Online Store

The NatStuCo online store is now open to all (advisers, students, and their families) to purchase recognition and memorabilia items.

Advise magazine

Missing your copy of Advise magazine? The most recent version is always available to read online!

Resources for student leaders

Student Accounts

Student members are encouraged to create their very own student account. Once their member status is verified, they’ll receive the most up-to-date information about our programs and activities delivered straight to their inbox.


These self-guided modules are educational tools prepared by educators to help students prepare for their future—college, career, and wherever life takes them.

Career Exploration Videos

This video series connects students with young professionals to hear from former student leaders to see what life is like in their current career, and gain advice from them and what they did during high school and college to prepare themselves for post-graduate life.

Resources from partner organizations


UNICEF is donating hygiene and medical kits to schools. UNICEF also provides a wealth of resources for everyone in the family, from little ones to teens and grown-ups, on how people can make a difference and stay sane during this time.

No Kid Hungry

No Kid Hungry is committed to feeding children in need, especially now that many schools are not in session. They are working with superintendents, principals, food management services, public agencies, and most importantly, student advocates, to ensure that no kid goes hungry.

TAKE ACTION TODAY: Students across the country are losing the school meals they rely on, and their families are losing critical income. Join @NoKidHungry and @NatStuCo in urging the Senate to #StrengthenSNAP in all packages being considered.:

Do you know a school or organization in your community working to ensure kids have the meals they need as schools close due to #COVID19? @NoKidHungry and @NatStuCo want to help! Share this application for emergency grant funds:

As schools close in response to the #coronavirus, many students are losing the only healthy food they receive in a given day, join @NatStuCo and help! Host a charity Stream for @NoKidHungry at

Hey @NatStuCo students, give shout-outs to teachers, nutrition directors, principals, cafeteria staff and volunteers here:


  • Association of Washington School Principals created a page dedicated to COVID-19 response materials including education guidance, information on equity, teaching resources, financial assistance, and more!
  • Overcoming Obstacles’ Life Skills Lessons for Remote Learning offers educators engaging activities they can use with their secondary school students while they are learning from home. The activities will help students identify their strengths, make better decisions, achieve their goals, develop a positive attitude, respect themselves as well as others, and handle the stress in their lives.

Virtual Service Ideas