The Principal’s Role

What is the role of the principal in the National Council of Excellence application process?

The principal has two direct responsibilities in the application process. The first is to provide a letter of recommendation to National Student Council on behalf of the council that will be submitted with the application. Beyond the important role of supporting the student council in its initiative to seek a National Council of Excellence Award, the principal’s only other direct involvement occurs once the council completes its collection of evidence and is ready to be evaluated. At this point, the student council will need to schedule a meeting with the principal at which time s/he will meet with student council leaders and adviser for the purpose of their presenting their evidence of meeting the award criteria and reviewing their application. If the principal feels they have met the minimum requirements to be named a National Council of Excellence, s/he affirms it with a signature.

For general information about National Student Council’s National Council of Excellence, visit our FAQ page.

Sample Principal Letter of Recommendation