Application & Criteria


There are three required projects to qualify for a 2020 NCOE Award and four required to qualify for the National Gold Council of Excellence. The first project entered on your NCOE application must be one that supports the ideals of Global Citizenship, the national initiative created by the NASSP Student Leadership Advisory Committee. This initiative includes five related strands. Your project must reflect one of the strands.

Please read the following for the initiative’s definition of global citizenship, an overview of each strand, and examples of common student council projects that support each one. The projects listed were identified in the National Student Project Database and were entered by National Student Council members as part of their NCOE applications.

Definition: Global Citizenship projects engage students to better understand their roles and opportunities as involved and informed citizens.

Initiative Strands
– Projects that engage or improve relations with varied and underserved populations (e.g. Special Olympics, No Name Calling Week, Best Buddies, etc.)

Civic Engagement – Projects that raise awareness or engage in civic-based activities (e.g. mock elections, voter registration drives, Mayor for a Day, etc.)

Positive Social Change – Projects that raise awareness of or engage others in activities addressing identified social issues in the school and community (e.g. Random Acts of Kindness Week, Mix it Up day, Culture Fairs, etc.)

Empathetic Actions and Wellness – Projects that assist people in need or crisis, or improve the environment (e.g. Clothing/Food drives, Care packages for vets/homeless, Bowling with friends, etc.)

Awareness/Perspectives – Projects that raise awareness and perspectives to or promote meaningful dialogue on identified school and community issues (e.g. Anti-bullying/smoking/drugs, Blood Drives, Pause before you post, etc.)

To be eligible for an award, student councils must enter projects into the National Student Project Database. Additionally, councils completing a full application must upload a letter of recommendation from their principal.

The deadline for the National Council of Excellence Awards program is February 18, 2020.