Most Recent Winner

The winner of the 2017 Ardis Kyker Award for Outstanding State Association Service Projects is Dare to Donate, Donate Life Texas.

The TASC Board selected the Dare to Donate project based on the need to gain support and educate the public on the importance of being an organ donor. The board, consisting of administration, students, and faculty of schools represented evaluated the appropriateness and saw the need. The group worked with Donate Life Texas to establish their goals and set benchmarks to measure their success. Their dream goals were to engage 100 schools, register 1,000 donors, raise $100,000 in goods and cash, and generate 50,000 service hours.

When the project was over and evaluated, TASC had exceeded every goal raising nearly $2.9 million with over a half million of that in cash donations. 111 schools were engaged and reported a cumulative total of 222,000 volunteer hours generated.