Connecting with and learning from other councils around the country is an especially beneficial aspect of your affiliation. You should promote your council to your local community, but sharing your council's successes with the nationwide NatStuCo community is just as important. An easy way to do this is by contributing an article to one of NatStuCo's member publications.

Did your council undertake a successful project? Is there advice you'd like to share with new advisers? Was there a special council-related event at your school that is worthy of publicity? These are all great opportunities for you to share your story with the rest of the NatStuCo community. Here's how to get started:

Advise magazine

Email the editor of Advise magazine at with your story ideas. Advisers are invited to contribute to feature stories, "Put This Into Practice" activities, and more. You can send your own original story ideas or submit an article based on the topics in the editorial calendar.

NatStuCo E-Bulletin

Have a quick tip or an app recommendation for your fellow advisers? Share it with us for consideration in the ""Student Council Tips and Tools" section. Email

School of Thought blog

National Student Council is a program of the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP), which regularly publishes posts to its School of Thought blog for principals and school administrators. The blog has a section called "Student Voice" that contains student-focused content for principals. Submit your blog post ideas by emailing