NatStuCo Member Benefits

Your NatStuCo membership includes: 

Outstanding resources designed to maximize your student council’s potential

Superior publications overflowing with valuable insight and useful information

  • Advise, published September through June, provides high-quality informative articles, ideas for student council activities and projects, tips for advisers, and much more.
  • The NatStuCo E-Bulletin, a monthly email newsletter (August-June), offers timely information for council advisers, including important dates and deadlines, tips on fundraising, checklists, guides, and more.
  • The NatStuCo handbook supplement, a companion resource to the Student Council Handbook, supplies members with information about new initiatives, programs, and conferences.

Exclusive discounts on NatStuCo conferences, programs, and merchandise for students and advisers

Recognition opportunities that celebrate advisers, students, and schools on the national stage

  • National Council of Excellence provides national recognition for student councils that consistently demonstrate quality leadership and service in their schools and communities.
  • The Distinguished Student Leaders program offers students the opportunity to earn national recognition for their abilities and achievements in leadership.
  • NatStuCo membership opens the door to a wide variety of additional recognition opportunities, including member certificates, National Student Leadership Week certificates, and the President’s Volunteer Service Award Program.

Free and immediate support from expert NatStuCo staff members

  • Contact us at 800-253-7746 or at [email protected] for answers to your questions on student council policy and procedure, membership information, and more.